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Creating the perfect balance between nature and our community


Private community emerging in the Mayan Jungle. Our walls contain the balance between nature and community, remaining in full harmony with Mother Earth.

The project consists of 4 phases, which have a total of 10 hectares, designed based on principles of sustainability to promote responsible architecture that respects natural resources and the environment.

Render and Reality5

In this fascinating image, a world is revealed where the line between the real and the digital is completely blurred. A stunning render merges seamlessly with real life, creating a scene of surreal beauty. Every meticulous detail and shadow is replicated with astonishing precision, bringing to life a landscape that seems to have emerged from the imagination itself.

alberca Render

Master Plan5

Tulum has a true natural beauty in every sense, that is why Aldea Savia has housing prototypes created for every lifestyle.

We create living spaces surrounded by nature, terraces and rooftops that merge with the green sea of the Mayan jungle.


In the exciting world of real estate, the creation of various prototypes is essential for innovation and the development of new ideas.
These prototypes are initial representations of construction projects that allow to visualize and evaluate different designs, concepts and features before the final construction is carried out.


In our development, you will be able to enjoy a series of exceptional amenities that will make every day special.


We invite you to explore our virtual gallery of Aldea Savia. Don't miss the opportunity to dive into our real estate gallery and discover the house you've always wanted. We invite you to explore and realize your wellness and comfort goals!


Aldea Savia is located on Tulum's Quinta Avenida, the preferred area for wellness tourism.
Come and be captivated by the beauty and potential of our development. We are excited to show you everything we have in store for you!

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