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Residential pre-sale lots, why are they a smart investment?

Building the property of your dreams is a goal we all yearn for. On the road to the realization of this dream, consider the acquisition of a pre-sale residential lot.
residential pre-sale lot is an option
is an option worth considering. In this article, we will provide you with valuable information so that you can make informed decisions and know why to invest in a
residential land in the pre-sale phase
is a smart choice.

Advantages of Investing in a Residential Lot:

  • Lower initial cost: Buying a lot is significantly cheaper than buying a built property. This reduces the initial investment required.

  • Convenient monthly payment method: Buying a lot by paying a down payment and the rest in monthly installments of 12, 24, 36 and even up to 60 months, makes it possible to generate capital gain on an amount that you have not yet disbursed.

  • Design and adjust your spaces: When you purchase a lot, you have the power to adjust your design to your comfort as well as choose the materials for the construction, which guarantees that your home will be unique and reflect your personal needs and tastes.

  • Freedom of size: Flexibility in the size of your land allows you to choose according to your needs and preferences, unlike built properties that often have standardized sizes.

  • Capital gain: When an investment is made in a pre-sale project, the developer increases the price as the project is marketed and built, which means that the first buyer acquires the property at the best possible price.

Invest in a Residential Lot with amenities:

When you purchase a
residential lot
you are starting from scratch, with a blank canvas. You have the freedom to design it to your liking, from the construction to the choice of materials. The investment of doing so in pre-sale phase is usually quickly appreciated, especially if there are improvements in the surrounding infrastructure, such as access roads, shopping malls, hospitals and airports.

One of the smartest decisions you can make when buying a residential lot residential lotl is to opt for one that features amenities. These communities provide comfort, security and long-term value:

  • Comfort: Amenities such as swimming pools, paddle tennis courts, playgrounds and parks are within easy reach. You don’t need to leave your home, which saves time and money.

  • Recreation and exercise: These communities are ideal for active and healthy living, with sports facilities and outdoor spaces for the whole family.

  • Sustained appreciation: Well-kept amenities increase the value of your property and attract future buyers willing to pay more for a home with amenities.

  • Security and privacy: 24-hour security and surveillance, in addition to limited access to residents, provide peace of mind and privacy.

Saumeria Tulum - Clubhouse (rendering)

Saumeria Tulum - Gym (render)

Reasons to Invest in Residential Land in the Riviera Maya:

  • Growing added valueProjects such as the
    Mayan Train
    or the Tulum International Airport make land in this area increase in value over time, as they improve the destination’s connectivity with other parts of the world.

  • Culture and security: The Riviera Maya offers a rich cultural heritage and a safe environment for its residents. In addition, its strategic location facilitates business travel and investment sourcing.

The acquisition of a
residential lot for pre-sale
is a smart investment to build family wealth. The option to buy in the Riviera Mayawith its continuous growth and increasing capital gains, offers unique opportunities. Look for developers to accompany you through the legal process, throughout your purchase, to make your investment experience more enjoyable.

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